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Our Company's History

Hope you are fine in God's grace and that all those around you enjoy similar blessings.Let me start by thanking you for your interest in our business. I also appreciate your time while surfing through the George & Esther Moralez Travel Service Website.

George started as a regular taxi man serving the local community of Belize City, while at the same time working in his father's garage. Then in 1979, George met a beautiful girl whom he vowed to marry. Her name was Esther Nuñez. George moved to Corozal Town, and married Est her that same year. Soon after, the family began to extend with the ar rival of their firstborn - Jorge.

With the expansion of his family, Mr. George began traveling to Belize City where the opportunities for economical benefits were greater. However, with the addition of their second child, Tanisha, Mr. George decided to stay in Corozal Town so that he could be close to his young family. Mr. George and Mrs. Esther created their small, but growing business of travel, to provide visitors with a most pleasant and memorable service. They started with one van.

Today, Mr. George has a fleet of 14-seater vans; 6-seater minivans and one family vehicle. All equipped with air-conditioning systems to provide passengers with relaxing environs, capable of accommodating large groups, as well as, single travellers.

Mrs. Esther is still by his side handling incoming calls, however, this time she has Tanisha to help coordinate schedules and tours. Moreover, Jorge has joined his father on providing quality service.




Our Skills

A young man still, George Moralez was brought up in a strictly disciplined family. He learned to appreciate the merits of hard work and to humbly accept the rewards of his labour.

While still young, his father taught him the basics of automotive repair. George grasped all the knowledge he could and was quickly hard at work fixing minor damages.

George Moralez is a dedicated family man and much of his efforts are reflected on his positive attitude towards his job.

George, as he is affectionally called, began working in the courier service at the tender age of 18. It is common knowledge that behind a great man there is a grander woman, and much of what Mr. George has achieved is partly due to his wife, Esther. Initially, it was just a local taxi service but eventually grew to a travel service encompassing the country of Belize and the neighbouring Mexican cities.

George is now aided by his son, Jorge, daughters, Tanisha and Jocelyn. George realized that it was time to venture beyond the local market and decided to create his own little company. Due his commitment to provide efficient and reliable services, George quickly gained recognition from customers.

George instills in his family the value of hard work and a high standard of professionalism when treating customers.




The Family behind the Company

  • George Moralez

    Team Leader

    Self Motivated

  • Esther Moralez

    Partner (Wife)

    George's main support.

  • Tanisha


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